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dig up marche's Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

We will comply with the laws and guidelines established by the Japanese Government regarding our collection and handling of Personal Information. In addition, we will establish a Personal Information management system to appropriately protect your information.

When we use or acquire Personal Information, we will specify the purpose for its use. We will not use Personal Information that we have acquired, in a manner that exceeds the scope necessary for achievement of its specified purpose (i.e., we will not use Personal Information for any other unstated purpose). We will take appropriate management action in order to prevent use for purposes other than those specified.

We will collect and use Personal Information as set forth below in the section regarding "the protection and handling of customers' Personal Information," and will only use or share your Personal Information with third parties when (a) we believe you have consented to such sharing or use, (b) the use or sharing is reasonably necessary to offer and deliver our services and products at the Website or in the marketplace, or (c) if we are ordered or obligated to do so by law. For example, we will use or share Personal Information in order to process payments and deliver orders to you, or to send you direct mail or emails about your order(s) or the Website.

If you have a complaint or inquiry about your Personal Information, please contact us; we have procedures in place to promptly investigate and respond to inquiries or complaints we receive.

Your Personal Information is kept in files that are reasonably inaccessible by persons outside our company. Access within the company is generally limited to the employees who have a need to know such information.

We will, from time to time, review our systems regarding the protection of Personal Information and may update our procedures and technology to help protect it.


Established: July 27, 2021


Barclay Global Consulting & Internet Inc.

President and CEO Masaaki Hirata



Disclosures Based on Private Information Protection Law

dig up marche complies with the Private Information Protection Law and other related regulations (Regulations below), and administers the personal information securely by taking appropriate measures.

1. Purposes for utilizing the personal information

dig up marche utilizes the names, addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, e-mail addresses, etc. collected from customers for the following purposes.

dig up marche will not utilize the collected information other than for its intended purpose unless consent has been given by the individual beforehand or the matter falls under Regulations.


(1) Handle orders of dig up marche product/services, delivery, payment, etc., and fulfill and manage the order received.

(2) Mail catalogs introducing dig up marche products/services, promotional samples, direct mail, etc.

(3) Mail catalogs, promotional samples, direct mail, etc. from business-partner companies as determined appropriate by dig up marche.

(4) Request for participation in surveys to develop, and improve products and services

(5) Conduct marketing research to create statistical data while respecting the security of personal information to better grasp market trends and understand our customers.

(6) Conduct business and services by companies consigned by dig up marche.

(7) Conduct management of credit, payment, collection by companies consigned for transactions with dig up marche.

(8) Respond to your opinions and requests.


2. Disclosure of personal information (A)

dig up marche will not disclose personal information to a third party for reasons other than listed below:

(1) If an individual has beforehand given consent.

(2) If based on the Regulations

(3) In the case of an emergency if the loss of human life, bodily injuries, assets are at stake and it is difficult to receive consent from the individual.

(4) If the personal information in part or in its entirety is necessary to complete its intended purpose.

(5) In the case of business succession such as joint venture, etc. personal information will be disclosed to the new entity.

(6) In the case of adverse consequence to meet operational intent, dig up marche or the consigned vendor/s will cooperate with national or local government agencies on matters set forth in the Regulations rather than receive consent from individual/s.


3. Disclosure of personal information (B)

dig up marche may disclose personal information it collects to third parties to complete its intended purposes. If dig up marche determines to use a consignee, dig up marche will enter into an agreement to protect the security of personal information, and appropriately manage and oversee it in the course of its business.


4. Disclose, change, and stop usage of personal information

dig up marche will disclose, change, and stop usage of personal information other than for reasons below:

① The personal information that dig up marche collects will be processed except to quickly disclose, change, suspend usage (below indicated as “disclose”) if:

(1) The identity of the individual cannot be confirmed.

(2) The minimally necessary information for business operation is lacking.

(3) The rights or profits of other customers or third party are jeopardized.

(4) If dig up marche determines inappropriateness for any other reasons.


② In processing disclosure, handling fee may be incurred.


③ (Contact information regarding inquiry of Personal Information)


Customers may contact the following with respect to inquiries regarding Personal Information. dig up marche Customer Service Center (Global):


5. Other

① To conduct its operational intent using the collected personal information, dig up marche may disclose matter and process them without prior notice.


② Please read about dig up marche’s principles and policies regarding the protection of personal information on our website (


③ To provide services on the website, cookies, web beacon, and other similar technology may be utilized.


Please click here for further information on the utilization of cookies for targeted advertising regarding interests and activities of individuals.


6. Company and person in charge of personal information protection and management

Barclay Global Consulting & Internet Inc.

President and CEO Masaaki Hirata