Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 / Parker / Public Security Section 9 logo. ver / black

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Hoodies / clothing

Material: 100% cotton
made in China

Actual goods size: S size (length: approx. 63 cm, width: approx. 52 cm, shoulder width: approx. 44 cm, sleeve length: approx. 56 cm)

Actual goods size: M size (Length: Approx. 67 cm, Width: Approx. 55 cm, Shoulder width: Approx. 48 cm, Sleeve length: Approx. 60 cm)

Actual goods size: L size (length: approx. 71 cm, width: approx. 58 cm, shoulder width: approx. 52 cm, sleeve length: approx. 61 cm)

Actual goods size: XL size (Length: Approx. 76 cm, Width: Approx. 63 cm, Shoulder width: Approx. 55 cm, Sleeve length: Approx. 62 cm)

【Product introduction】The near-future science fiction series based on Masamune Shirow is now available on NETFLIX as a 3D animation.
2045. Set in a world where "simultaneous global defaults" have occurred and the world has entered a sustainable war "Sustainable War", the Public Security Section 9 led by Motoko Kusanagi, commonly known as "Ghost in the Shell", confronts a new threat.
It is a hoodie printed with the Public Security Section 9 logo of Ghost in the Shell, which has been loved by fans for many years. The simple design looks great on any outfit and is very easy to use for everyday use!

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