Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 / Parker / Armsuit. ver / black

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[Product information]
Hoodies / clothing

Material: 100% cotton
made in China

Actual goods size: S size (length: approx. 63 cm, width: approx. 52 cm, shoulder width: approx. 44 cm, sleeve length: approx. 56 cm)

Actual goods size: M size (Length: Approx. 67 cm, Width: Approx. 55 cm, Shoulder width: Approx. 48 cm, Sleeve length: Approx. 60 cm)

Actual goods size: L size (length: approx. 71 cm, width: approx. 58 cm, shoulder width: approx. 52 cm, sleeve length: approx. 61 cm)

Actual goods size: XL size (Length: Approx. 76 cm, Width: Approx. 63 cm, Shoulder width: Approx. 55 cm, Sleeve length: Approx. 62 cm)

【Product introduction】
The near-future science fiction series based on Masamune Shirow is now available on NETFLIX as a 3D animation.
2045. Set in a world where "simultaneous global defaults" have occurred and the world has entered a sustainable war "Sustainable War", the Public Security Section 9 led by Motoko Kusanagi, commonly known as "Ghost in the Shell", confronts a new threat.
A hoodie with the "Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045" logo and main character printed on it has appeared. A chic design that you can easily wear when you go out! If you are a fan, you will want the first one.

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Color BLK