Drifting Dragons/Canvas Artboard/Main Visual.ver

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Drifting Dragons/Canvas Artboard/Main Visual.ver
(c) Taku Kuwabara/Kodansha/Drifting Dragons Production Committee

[Product information]
Canvas picture board

Material: Printed surface/cloth frame/wood
Size: length 24.2 cm x width 33.3 cm
made in China

【Product introduction】
A topical work by "Polygon Pictures" who created Transformers. CG is here now!
"Drifting Dragons" sent by up-and-coming writer Taku Kuwabara, who debuted from "good! Afternoon", overturns the conventional concept of CG.
Fly in the sky, hunt dragons, and eat dragons. Men in a profession called "Orochitori" board a dragon boat and row into the sea of clouds.
This beautiful world drawn with a new perspective of adventure, action, and food is now available as a canvas picture board!



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