Fire Force/Vinyl Pouch/Mela Melapspus.ver

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Fire Force/Vinyl Pouch/Mela Melapspus.ver
(c) Atsushi Okubo/Kodansha/Special Fire Force Video Public Relations Section

[Product information]
Vinyl pouch/accessory case/makeup pouch

Material: PVC
Size: Approximately 18 cm long x 24 cm wide
made in China

【Product introduction】
The popular manga "Fire Force" based on Atsushi Okubo, who sent out Soul Eta, has been made into a TV animation. "Human body ignition phenomenon" that ordinary human beings suddenly start to burn. A human who has become a monster "Homurabito" loses reason and continues to run away. Shinra, a boy who once lost his family due to flame bite, joined the "special fire brigade" created to counter the threat. The story of Shinra, who fights with her unique friends.
This time, we will introduce a vinyl pouch with the familiar skull and crossbones and "Melamera" and "Puspusu"! Since it is made of lightweight vinyl material, it can be used for various purposes such as mask cases and toothbrush holders.



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