It's fun to keep both dogs and cats every day/Mini folding screen/Cat-sama Inu-kun.ver

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It's fun to have both dogs and cats. Mini folding screen cat-sama dog-kun.ver
(c) Hidekichi Matsumoto/Kodansha/Dog and Cat Production Committee

[Product information]
Mini folding screen/toys/interior

Material: Printed surface/paper frame/cardboard
Size: Approximately 17.5 cm x 30 cm
made in China

【Product introduction】
From the Twitter serialization, it caught fire and became a book! !! And a funny and funny everyday story sent by Mr. Hidekichi Matsumoto, who runs up to TV animation and stardom, and is full of charm that sometimes gets moody.
The appearance of the owner Hidekichi, who is swayed by the cat and the dog, and the magnificent and cunnilingus of the cat. The bright and innocent dog's warm expression becomes addictive the more you read it!
This time, we made such popular characters "Cat" and "Inu-kun" into cute mini folding screens.
While maintaining the cuteness, the well-made mini folding screen is a must-see quality for fans!



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